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Please let me introduce TMX motors:

Founder Brian Truesdale has worked in the performance motorcycle industry for over 40 years. Within that span he has worked at Chicagoland motorcycle dealerships from the age of 15 and has since been building and designing performance 2 and 4 cycle motors and their related products. He has been from the Midwest to California many times working for premier motorcycle companies like Stellar Performance, White Brothers, Joker Machine, Honda, Yamaha, JBV racing and now TMX motors (Truesdale MX motors).


Brian Truesdale has 30 years experience as a senior R&D manager, tuner, and designer for a wide range of motorcycle performance products. Truesdale’s experience started at age of 12 putting lawn mower motors on all the neighborhood bicycles.  From a high school vocational class on power sports, his career started at a Yamaha shop in the Midwest that was noted for snowmobile racing in the late 1970s to early 1980s.  This is where he “cut his teeth” on 2-cycle motor modifications. The shop, Yamaha Performance Center dominated the snowmobile grass drags at the time in the 340 and 440cc classes.

Over the next 10 years he was the tuner/mechanic for several Midwestern Pro MX racers including Mike Roth and Michael Kurceja and traveled the MX circuit.  After opening his own shop, Stellar Performance, he was approached by Downers Grove Yamaha to build and tune their race team and support riders’ motors.  A few DGY riders at that time were Doug Henry, Jimmy Button, Joel Albrecht, and Steve Lamson. Throughout those years assisting DGY, Stellar Performance continued to excel in high performance development of 2 and 4-stroke engines, specifically in the dragbike, snowmobile and jetski racing applications. Stellar Performance had one of the first chassis Dyno’s and Serdi valve seat machines in the Midwest.

Wanting to have a greater impact on the motorcycle industry Truesdale moved to Southern California and joined the White Brothers team. Hired on as the R&D Manager he developed the now-famous R-series and E-series exhaust systems for off-road and Harley applications as well as internal engine components (piston, cam, valve train components). Extensive Dyno testing and development were performed routinely.  This was the start of “the 4-stroke era” in MX racing.  White Brothers was then considered a leader in 4-stroke development and was sought after by Yamaha and Honda for private labeling and consulting. During his 5 years as Senior R&D Manager for White Brothers the company experienced exponential growth. In 2002 Tom White the owner sold his interest in White Brothers. Shortly after Truesdale decided it was time to move on. It was time to make another mark, but now in the Harley performance sector with Joker Machine. Here he developed off road products as well as American Street Performance products until 2005.

Now back in the Midwest he offers performance cylinder head modifications as well as complete engine packages.


“If you want superior performance and reliability, Brian Truesdale is the place to go. I have confidence when I am competing against the world’s best at the highest level. When I line up at the starting gate I know my motor will out-perform the competition. After 4 years Brian Truesdale has never let me down.”

  • Bryan White, Pro AMA MX Racer

“In my 40 years in the motorcycle business, I have never worked with a more talented performance specialist than Brian.  If only he could convince his lovely wife Vic to let him come back out to the West Coast.”

  • Tom White, Founder – White Brothers

“In my years as Head Tuner for Motorsports Outlet, we exclusively used Brian Truesdale’s cylinder heads, carburetors and motors. These motors helped Laansoo, Akira Narita, and Steve Lamson to perform at a national caliber level.”

  • Al Olson, AMA Mechanic of the Year 2006

“It appalls me how the industry has changed and anybody can be an expert in performance. I can’t tell you how many motors we have seen that the “experts” have had their hands on and WOW!  if they could have just found us first.”

  • Brian Truesdale, Founder TMXMOTORS.COM


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